Wendy Xiao


Wendy joined Northzone in 2015 and is now a Partner leading the firm’s New York office. She was at the forefront of the Web 3 movement in 2016 and initially led Northzone’s investments in infrastructures serving builders in the space. She now invests more broadly in the healthcare, consumer, and developer tools sectors, where she has invested in over 19 companies, including Spring Health, which recently closed its Series D at a $2.5bn valuation, and Magic Labs, the leading Web 3 wallet serving 20M+ users globally. As a true testament to the amazing founders she’s backed, Wendy was highlighted in the Midas Brink List.

Her investment thesis over the years focuses on companies that change consumer behavior to significantly grow the economic pie by capturing market externalities. That has taken her on a tour of some of the most exciting technological advances in the US and Europe, impacting the biggest challenges of our time, such as mental healthcare, the consumer healthcare journey, affordable childcare, data privacy, financial wellness, corporate governance, etc. She finds joy in working closely with founders, starting as early as seed, and prides herself in empowering and supporting them to realize their full potential based on their specific needs.

Prior to Northzone, Wendy founded the co-working and childcare company CoHatchery and consulted at A. T. Kearney and Accenture. She is a Chinese-American mom of two, which shapes her view of the world tremendously.

I'm a huge nerd.

And proud of it. I have an economics background and an interest in Web 3 infrastructure and cryptoeconomic design. I believe crypto protocols can help grow the web by allowing more people to transact in more ways and more frequently online, in new markets we haven’t even begun to explore. I blog fairly regularly on Medium and also authored Northzone’s crypto Investment thesis.