Vincent Touati-Tomas


Vincent’s career in tech started in 2011 when he was still in school running a podcast about digital policies. Vincent then worked as an independent marketing consultant in the tech events industry.

Later he joined France Digitale, a European lobby for startups and investors where he oversaw communications and events including two editions of the France Digitale Day. Still in Paris, Vincent worked at daphni as Head of Marketing & Communications. After moving to London, he worked with Founders Factory where he was in charge of Global Marketing and worked on the brand’s expansion overseas.

One is silver, the other is gold.

I really enjoy spending my time meeting new people whilst growing my existing relationships. I genuinely believe that a lot of humanities issues can be sorted by listening, debating and spreading knowledge, lots of which I get from spending my days talking to people!

Follow your passion

When I was 15, I launched a podcast exploring and debating the political, economic and social impacts of the Internet on our society. I interviewed more than 150 elected politicians, entrepreneurs and investors. Finding my passion, I decided to leave formal education and haven’t looked back.