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Sarah Nöckel

Seed Investment Manager, London

Sarah is responsible for Northzone’s Seed investments and is based in London. She is particularly excited about workplace technology and software to create new ways for everyday people to make money through collaboration, communication, commerce, entertainment and gaming. 

Previously, Sarah was a B2B SaaS investor at Dawn Capital. Prior to this, she spent 3 years at the French startup Early Metrics, where she joined as employee #5 and led the firm’s launch in the UK and Germany.

Sarah grew up in Germany and graduated with a degree in Business & Finance from the University of Vienna and CASS Business School London. 

Follow your curiosity

No one is good at everything. Figure out the one thing you’re really good at and just work your ass off. If you can’t code – write books and blogs, record videos and podcasts. Carve out a niche for yourself. 

A one woman show, with 7,000+ subscribers

I founded Femstreet, a newsletter for women in tech and venture, back in 2017. I built an email list, grew the list with free content, and now monetise it with a subscription. Femstreet’s online community allows professionals to connect with and learn from peers and experts, leverage resources and discover career opportunities. I have met incredible people through Femstreet, many of the relationships grew into wonderful friendships.