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Paul Murphy

General Partner, London

Paul is a General Partner, based in London, and focuses mainly on companies in the consumer, entertainment, and enterprise applications spaces. His portfolio includes TIER, Hopin, Thirty Madison, Klang, and Bunch. Prior to Northzone, Paul founded and was CEO of mobile games company Dots in NYC, and built and invested in companies at Betaworks, the startup studio behind companies such as Poncho and Giphy. Before this, he held several roles at Microsoft in the US, UK and India. Paul holds a BS in Computer Engineering from Virginia Tech and an MBA from The IE Business School in Spain, where he is an adjunct professor.

Founding Dots was a big call.

The company spun out from a start-up studio called Betaworks, where I was a partner. I was investing in scaling early-stage companies like Giphy, Poncho and Blend.io (acquired by Roli). But Dots was a chance to build something from nothing, together with my co-founder Patrick Moberg. In fact, Northzone was one of our investors, and that’s how I first met PJ. Scaling the company taught me a lot, and my main lesson that is central to my approach as an investor, is to create value through honest, genuine networks.

Joining Northzone was another life change.

Not least because I was in NYC at the time. I’d lived in London when I was working at Microsoft earlier in my career, but this time I had a family to move with me. I do miss NYC, so I always make the most of my visits to the Northzone office there.