Nick Boesel

Associate, New York

Nick joined Northzone as an associate in 2023, where he focuses on robotics and the software ecosystem that supports it, fintech and cleantech. 

Prior to Northzone, Nick was on the product team at Point72 Hyperscale where he built ML products for portfolio companies. Before that he was a Product Manager at Visa and Zeal.

Nick holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems and a Master’s in Management from the University of Michigan.

Fuelled by energy

I’m an extrovert, I enjoy spending time and collaborating with other people. I also have a real affinity to real, tangible, non hand-wavy problems.

I love it when people can nerd out on a topic. It’s contagious when people are really energetic about something. 

Diving into the unknown

I have a pending patent submission from my time as a product manager at Visa. While not yet approved, it was cool to be on a team that was operating so far in the unknown. We wanted to a way to share digital credentials and as it didn’t exist yet, we built it. It’s cool to solve your own problems.

A northern Californian at heart

Outside of work I enjoy playing guitar, going to rock shows. I’m a northern Californian who enjoys hiking, biking and skiing. I also think it’s important to always try new things.