Naseem Moumene

Associate, London

Naseem joined Northzone in 2023 as an Associate, based in London. Whilst a generalist investor, Naseem spends time on Climate, Fintech and Vertical SaaS companies. He is particularly interested in companies building within deep fragmented largely offline markets, as well as those utilising real-time data to develop hyper-personalised solutions.

Prior to Northzone, Naseem was at J.P. Morgan looking at principal Climate/Fintech investments & strategy across the investment bank. Before that, he was an investor at Creator Fund, and an intern at Africa-focused Outlierz Ventures. Naseem holds a degree in Business & Management from Durham University, whilst studying, he built a real world interactive game app.

Diving into rabbit holes

What motivates me the most is finding a new topic, sector or question and getting lost in the details, connecting dots and information finally clicking. Being able to learn something in every conversation is a huge privilege, especially as part of my day to day job.


Close to my heart..

Outside of Northzone, I love connecting with founders and investors in Africa/GCC. As a Moroccan, it’s close to my heart, but I’ve seen first hand the monumental leapfrogging, innovation, talent and direct impact that is helping create the future of Africa.