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Michelle Nacouzi


Michelle is an investment associate at Northzone. Prior to Northzone, Michelle was an investment associate at Indicator Ventures where she sourced, led diligence on, and provided portfolio support to seed-stage startups.

Before her transition into venture capital, Michelle was a management consultant with Kearney where she worked alongside CXOs from Fortune 500 and private-equity owned companies on initiatives spanning go-to-market design, supply chain & logistics optimization, pre- & post-M&A strategy, and most things in between. 

Michelle holds two Bachelor’s degrees from the University of California, Berkeley in Economics and Environmental Sciences

My parents inspired me to pursue VC.

They taught me how to be scrappy and ambitious as I watched them build a thriving small business based on their self-made careers. It’s what they did, against the odds faced by immigrants and women, that helped me realise early in my career that complacent, middle-management jobs at big companies wouldn’t help me be my best self. I paused, side-stepped into a start-up, and that led me to VC.


I ran an $11M non-profit, before graduating college.

Early on, I learned how to think strategically and guide large organizations. As a 21-year-old I was elected President of a student-run, non-profit housing cooperative. It was founded in 1933, had 1300 members, and operated an $11m budget. During my tenure, I steered us through some mission-defining and highly controversial decisions. That experience defined my leadership style.

I'm happiest when I'm

Backpacking in the mountains, swimming in alpine lakes, and drinking unfiltered glacial melt because I love the liberating feeling of being disconnected out in nature.

Let me introduce you.

I love bringing people together. I’ve introduced couples, cofounders, roommates, first-hires, and other meaningful (or fleeting) relationships. I care deeply about people’s stories and helping them thrive through connections.