Michelle Nacouzi

Vice President, NEW YORK

Michelle is based in New York City and focuses on early-stage companies across healthcare, fintech/insurtech, enterprise productivity, community-driven consumer apps, and sustainability but is generally excited to meet thoughtful, maverick entrepreneurs in the New York ecosystem.

Prior to Northzone, Michelle was a seed/pre-seed investor at Indicator Ventures working with founders as they iterated toward product-market fit. Before her transition into venture, Michelle was a management consultant with Kearney where she worked alongside CXOs on sustainable supply chain initiatives.

Michelle holds two Bachelor’s degrees from the University of California, Berkeley in Environmental Sciences and Environmental Economics & Policy. While at Berkeley, she co-founded a food co-op, ran an $11M nonprofit, worked in research & taught herself to code, and became a published author on the topic of sustainable consumerism.

Northzone’s culture inspires me

I grew up with six siblings and have spent over a decade on the Boards of cooperative businesses; my ideal operating environment is one with low individual egos in service of a collective goal.


I'm happiest when I'm

Hiking in the mountains, swimming in alpine lakes, and drinking unfiltered glacial melt because I love the liberating feeling of being out, in nature, and disconnected.

Let me introduce you.

I love bringing people together. I’ve introduced couples, cofounders, roommates, first-hires, and other meaningful (or fleeting) relationships. I care deeply about people’s stories and helping them thrive through connections, which probably stems from being raised by entrepreneurial, immigrant parents.