Jeppe Zink

Associated Companies

Trustpilot, Zopa, Nested, MarketFinance, TrueLayer, Wallapop, Cornerjob, Anyfin, CrossLend


Jeppe joined Northzone in 2012. His primary areas of focus are fintech and SaaS businesses. His portfolio includes TrustpilotZopaWallapopMarkeFinance, Nested, TrueLayerCornerjobAnyfin, and CrossLend. Jeppe has over the years also invested in companies including Space Ape Games (exited to Supercell), EpiServer (exited to IK Investment Partners), Tobii (IPO), End2End (exited to MACH), Cocom (exit to Cisco) and Nomad (exited to Alstom).


A Dane by birth, Jeppe was educated in Germany and England. His formative career years were spent at Deutsche Bank, focusing on mergers and acquisitions. A crash course in principal investing followed as Jeppe was part of the founding team setting up a venture capital fund with the bank as investor. There, Jeppe got to see the inside of the crazy ups and downs of the technology boom and bust first hand, including the successful investment and subsequent exit in Cocom, founded by previous Northzone Partner Gregers Kronborg.

When DB Capital was spun out, Jeppe joined Amadeus Capital. Here, he worked through the ranks and made it to Partner with a specific focus on the Nordics. Jeppe co-invested with Northzone in several companies, including Tobii and EpiServer.

Since joining Northzone, Jeppe has opened up the international investment activities of the firm, while leading the thinking on Northzone’s fintech investment strategy, alongside other categories.