Hans Otterling

Associated Companies

HappyOrNot, Footway, Tobii, Klarna, Outfittery, Fishbrain


Hans Otterling joined Northzone in 2006. His primary areas of focus are e-commerce, fintech, internet security, enterprise software and related SaaS models. His portfolio includes Tobii, Klarna, HappyOrNotFootway, Fishbrain,and Outfittery. Hans holds an MBA from Stockholm School of Economics and University of Massachusetts (Fulbright scholar).


Hans Otterling is an enthusiastic participant in all discussions about the secrets of successful serial entrepreneurship. Having started, grown, and sold several market leading companies, he has learnt a thing or two along the way.

He revolutionised the field of Investor Relations, through founding Waymaker, an early internet-based information distribution company. Where listed Swedish companies had previously employed the services of taxis in order to get their financial reports to the media, Waymaker built a completely new network.

“It took us ten months to nail our first client, but in another ten months we had 70% of the big caps as clients”, Hans remembers. Waymaker was acquired by Cision (OMXNasdaq) which is still the market leader, despite the stiff competition today.

In 1993, Hans went on to co-found and develop RIM – a pharmaceutical and health care industry trade information corporation that was eventually sold “with a handsome profit”, he recalls, to a major competitor.

And then came StreamServe Inc. What started off in a flat in central Stockholm, moved to the US and grew to a major enterprise software company in just a few years, and then further, with 13 international offices, clients and shareholders all over the world. StreamServe Inc was acquired by Opentext (Nasdaq) in 2010.

Even outside office hours you’re still highly likely to find this high energy individual in motion. He is a keen down-hill skier, has a good hand with horses and, as a few others at Northzone, he’s completed the Vasaloppet cross-country ski race.

Article by Hans Otterling