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Marta Sjögren


Marta started in VC as an investment analyst with London/Palo Alto-based venture fund, DN Capital. Following that, Marta moved to Stockholm and founded a consultancy working with start-ups, corporates and Northzone, where Marta joined in 2012.  

Her portfolio included HappyOrNot, Labster, Sqore, Seriously, Zervant, BehavioSec, and Aevy. Martas main areas of interest are early-stage B2B and B2C companies across Europe within consumer internet, digital health, edtech, gaming and SaaS. 

Marta studied European Business at École Supérieure de Commerce de Paris and International Relations at London School of Economics

When the odds are against me, I'm at my best.

I believe you can either be part of a pattern or an addition to it. I’m often the latter, which leads me to challenge myself and others. In life and work, it’s the biggest challenges that give me greatest satisfaction.

Paying it forward every day.

Moving into tech from a background in politics and philosophy, I was conscious of my blind spots. My solution? Pathological curiosity. I’m thankful to the strangers (now friends) who took a coffee or call with me to share their expertise. They taught me the power of paying it forward, which I try to live by every day.

Understand why, to focus on how.

I am deeply curious about why founders set out to build their companies. If I understand the why, it’s much easier for me to focus on the how.