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Markus Gleim


Markus focuses on early-stage companies across healthcare, consumer and enterprise applications. He is particularly interested in products that evolve established ways of working, bring together communities or disrupt long-standing value chains. 

Prior to Northzone, Markus was with private equity firm KKR and Swedish health tech scaleup KRY / LIVI. At KRY, he focused on building the firm’s business’ UK operations and on scaling its operations in Sweden. Before that, he was a management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group in Germany. Markus is a graduate of Cambridge University and Bochum University and holds degrees in business, economics and social sciences. He is based in our Stockholm office.

Building a company in regulated markets is tough.

Regulatory barriers often make it difficult to start and then scale a business in these sectors, as existing structures and incentives often favour the status quo. At the same time, this represents a massive opportunity to bring innovation into large markets that have lacked innovation for decades. At KRY, it took us many trials, errors and hard-earned learnings working with regulators to build what is now Europe’s largest digital health company.

I’ve always been an early adopter.

I remember getting my first computer at age 11 and saving up money in college to buy the initial iPhone in 2007. When Spotify came to Germany in the early 2010s, I scrambled to get onto the waiting list. In my earlier career at BCG, we built Fashion for Good – a tech hub for innovation and sustainability in the fashion industry. Our work and impact was so fulfilling that I decided to focus my career on tech.

I do my best thinking when I run.

After a long day, outdoors, by myself. I love being close to nature. And the alone time lets me reflect on questions or problems I’ve encountered during the day.