Jeppe Zink

Partner, London

Jeppe is a Partner at Northzone, based in London. With two decades of venture capital experience. After starting out at Deutsche Bank and Amadeus he joined Northzone and established the firm’s London office. Exits include Space Ape Games (exited to Supercell), EpiServer (exited to IK Investment Partners) and Tobii (IPO).

Jeppe focuses primarily on finding network effects around enterprise software and fintech businesses, and his active portfolio includes Trustpilot, Wagestream Wallapop, Zopa, MarketFinance, Nested, Anyfin and Truelayer. 

Investing through cycles

I got my first experience of the VC industry with Deutsche Bank. Starting out in Corporate Finance, I became part of the founding team setting up DB Capital in 1998, a venture capital fund with the bank as investor. After seeing the crazy ups and downs of the tech boom and bust first-hand, I joined the deep tech, Cambridge based fund, Amadeus Capital. Before joining Northzone in 2011 and building out the international franchise against the backdrop of the global financial crisis. 

A key learning has not only been to cope, but to embrace the fact that tough times act as a catalyst for change and innovation. These times are often defining for any great startup who use it to set their culture, ambition and vision.  

Back the underdog

I get a real kick from the tenacity and energy of individual entrepreneurs, attempting to make sea changes in massive industries. The financial services industry is a classic example, where I’ve had the privilege of working with a number of amazing and tenacious fintech entrepreneurs over the years. Being the underdog is a feeling you can embrace to achieve extraordinary things.