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Henrik Grim


Henrik is an Investment Manager, based in Stockholm. He focuses mainly on companies across consumer and SME spaces, in particular fintech, digital health and commerce, as well as AI and automation in B2B SaaS. He is involved in Northzone’s investments in NA-KD, Spacemaker, Tier, Klang and Kitab Sawti. 

Prior to Northzone, Henrik worked in business performance for the mobile games giant King. Before this, Henrik was an Associate at McKinsey & Company, focusing mainly on digital, sales, and marketing strategies across sectors such as retail, telecom, finance, and utilities. Henrik holds an M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from KTH in Stockholm. 

Stockholm entrepreneurs got me where I am today.

Working in growth & business development at Spotify, iZettle and mobile games giant, King, I got an induction that fuelled my fascination with data-driven product development, innovative business models and the interplay between creativity and analytics in tech companies.

World-class experience

I placed 5th at the Youth Sailing World Championships. Getting to world championship level took years of dedication. Setting strategy, building the team, honing skills and perfecting execution. The experience influenced the way I think about building businesses today. 

Did I mention kitesurfing?

Okay, maybe I did. And maybe there’s just too many kitesurfing VCs out there! What can I say? At least this one has a serious sailing career to back it up.