Harriet Hamblin

Vice President, LONDON

Harriet joined Northzone in 2019 and is a Vice President in the London office, focusing on early-stage companies across B2B SaaS, fintech, and healthcare, as well as broader UK coverage. She has a particular interest in product-led companies that look to disrupt and evolve the end user’s experience or workflow, across businesses and consumers.

Prior to Northzone, Harriet worked for four years as a strategy consultant in London as part of the private equity deals team at Credo Consulting, with a focus on health and tech deals. Before that, Harriet spent four years reading Classics at the University of Oxford, worked for a few months in Hong Kong at Ruffer Investment, and traveled around South America attempting to learn Spanish!

I'm striving to make a difference.

However small or large. It could be investing in a company that has a positive social, environmental, or healthcare impact, working to promote diversity and women in tech, or supporting talented and driven entrepreneurs in their endeavors.

Closing the climate gap

We need to act now and we need to act together. I am really focused on doing what I can personally, as well as finding sustainability and climate tech opportunities in early-stage tech to work towards closing the gap between what people and businesses say they want to do and what they are actually doing.