Grace Bentley

HR Manager, LONDON

Grace is the HR Manager at Northzone, based in the London office. Grace joined the team in 2019 and worked as an Executive Assistant and Office Manager, where she collaborated closely with team members across different offices. With a solid foundation in HR practices, she completed the CIPD Level 3 in 2023 and now focuses on advancing and optimising our human resources strategies.

Prior to Northzone, Grace has a degree in Criminology and Sociology from Kent University. Her post-university experiences took her on an international exploration through New Zealand, Australia, and South America where she worked as a barista, sales representative, and farmworker.

I've found a great team.

I love being part of a group that works so well together. There’s a culture of encouragement, support and positivity that motivates me to push harder and achieve more.

You'll never find me

Running for a bus…or running at all really!

The best thing I've done is also the worst.

I did a bungee jump over Victoria Falls. I’m glad I did it, but I’d happily never do it again!