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Gareth Jefferies


Gareth is a Principal, based in our London office. He focuses mainly on investments in consumer, marketplaces and fintech, and has invested in Pollen, TrueLayer, Thirty Madison, fuboTV, and arfa. He joined Northzone in 2015, initially in London, spending two and a half years in our New York office before returning to Europe in 2020.

Prior to Northzone, Gareth was a consultant at OC&C Strategy Consultants, working on strategic and due diligence projects across a range of sectors.

Glass half full.

I’m excited about what the future might look like, in particular how it might look better. I’m not really an optimist so this doesn’t come naturally to me. 

Ikebana expert in practice.

My greatest accomplishments include winning £20 by drop-kicking a rugby ball into a basketball hoop from the free throw line, my beginner’s certificate in Japanese flower arranging (Ikebana), and the time I bowled four strikes in a row with my last four balls in a ten-pin bowling game (and still lost).

I'm happiest when

Cuddling my dog 

It’s all about balance.

Outside of work I’m trying to manage the conflicting objectives of taking better care of my body (with spin classes, runs and swims) whilst taking care of my soul (eating and drinking my way through New York and London).