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Fredua Akosa

Summer Investment Associate, London

Fredua is a Summer Investment Associate at Northzone, and focuses mainly on companies in the consumer, healthcare, SaaS, marketplaces and AI spaces. Prior to Northzone, he was a Venture Manager in AI and Health for Creative Destruction Labs, where he sourced, led due diligence and provided portfolio support for seed-stage and series A startups.
His experience spans three continents: working as a physician in rural and metropolitan communities in Sub-Saharan Africa, as a lab researcher and data analyst in medicine and public health in the US, and as a consultant evaluating and recommending sectors for Creative Destruction Labs expansion into the UK and Europe.
Fredua holds an MD from the University of Ghana, an MPH in Applied Biostatistics and Epidemiology from Yale University, and an MBA in Finance and Strategy from Oxford University.