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Elena Pantazi


Elena joined Northzone in 2019 as Head of Operations. Prior to Northzone, Elena was Director of Operations and Head of Marketing & Communications at Bain Capital Private Equity Europe. Before this, Elena was an Investment Manager at venture philanthropy fund Impetus and VP of research at Third Bridge, a fast-growing start-up, having joined as an early employee. 

Elena started her career at UBS as an Investment Banker. She holds an MBA from INSEAD, an MPhil in International Relations with Distinction from Cambridge and a BSc in Economics from UCL.

Third Bridge was a formative experience.

I was there at the beginning, working on the business plan, watering the plants, pitching clients, whatever was needed.  A true start-up experience. To see the company thriving after so many years is very rewarding.

People and purpose go hand in hand.

I’m motivated, in work and in life, when there’s an ambitious and meaningful mission with a fun committed team behind it.

It’s a balancing act.

Balancing – or rather ungracefully juggling – life and work with two young kids has been a physically exhausting but equally super rewarding time. Luckily, wine helps me through it.