Christopher Steinau


Chris is a Principal based in London and focuses mainly on companies in human resource, mobility, logistics, food, and construction tech. Chris’s portfolio includes Personio, TIER, Freighthub, Disperse, Lemoncat, Wagestream and Distribusion. 

Before joining Northzone, Christopher co-founded Uncover, an app enabling London diners to discover and book the city’s most desirable restaurants. After having acquired hundreds of thousand of users and generated millions in revenues for their restaurants, the team exited to Velocity. 

Prior to that, Christopher worked in banking at the Deutsche Bank and Sal. Oppenheim in Germany. He holds an MBA from London Business School and Diplom-Kaufmann from the EBS, Wiesbaden.

Entrepreneurship runs in the family.

I guess you could say entrepreneurship is in my DNA. My dad and both grandads ran their own companies. So, entrepreneurship was an everyday topic at the family dinner table. It’s no wonder I went on to start my own. 

Building something that users love was incredibly motivating.

Uncover was a lesson in working fast and with focus. We raised funding, attracted hundreds of thousands of users and generated millions in revenue for restaurateurs. We had successes and failures. Knowing we’d built something that our users & restaurants loved and valued was incredibly motivating and rewarding.

Working in banking, I experienced the 2008 financial crisis first-hand.

I’m from Germany. Before moving to London, I worked in banking at Sal. Oppenheim. After the 2008 crisis, we were acquired by Deutsche Bank. I joined the new CEO as Chief of Staff after the acquisition to manage the integration. It was a pretty intense time, but a valuable experience.