Amit Sanghvi


Amit is Northzone’s Head of Investor Relations and is based in London. Before joining us, he held senior investor relations positions with CapMan in London and NBK Capital Partners (NBKCP) in Dubai.

Prior to NBKCP, Amit worked as a private market placement agent, secondary advisor and fund investor.

Amit grew up in London and holds a BSc (Joint Hons.) in Computer and Management Sciences from the University of Hull.

Too hot to handle

I moved to the Middle East in the summer of 2014. I loved exploring new cultures and sampling new cuisines. It was exciting living in a city like Dubai during a period of rapid development and change, but the 52°C weather was a little extreme for me!

Thrill seeker

I travelled solo around the world and managed to tick some big things off my bucket list ie. scuba diving in Fiji: bungee jumping in NZ.