Alex Agureev

Associate, London

Alex focuses on growth stage companies across enterprise, fintech, and infrastructure & developers both in Europe and on the East Coast. He is particularly interested in verticalized solutions that cater to underserved market niches and have the potential to disrupt sleepy market incumbents.

Before joining Northzone, Alex was a strategy consultant at BCG’s private equity team in London where he specialized in software and tech-enabled business services. Alex pursued his engineering studies at the University of Oxford and spent his master’s year at Princeton University, focusing on computer and electronic engineering, and gained hands-on experience working as a junior developer at a start-up. Alex represented both Oxford and Princeton at rugby.

Break it down to build it up

Having cut my teeth at engineering & software problems, I gained a deep appreciation for the satisfaction that comes with tackling complex challenges by breaking them down into smaller pieces and prioritizing the most critical ones. As an investor, I have the unique opportunity to support entrepreneurs who possess this same relentless prioritization mindset as they tackle the most pressing and intricate real-world problems.

I'm at my happiest when...

I’m fully immersed in the moment. I love extreme sports and visiting remote places, experiencing moments with my family, and occasionally strumming on a guitar. Ultimately, it’s the ability to be present that brings me happiness, regardless of what I happen to be doing.

Two left feet

You’ll never catch me dancing! While I have many virtues, busting out some slick dance moves is sadly not one of them.