Aaron Liu

Vice President, NEW YORK

Aaron is an Investor at Northzone and focuses on early-stage companies in the B2B SaaS, AI/ML spaces. 

Prior to Northzone, Aaron was on the Strategy & Operations team at Cloudkitchens, where he worked on solutions to help restaurants succeed in the food delivery industry. Before that, he worked in investment banking at Evercore in New York. 

Aaron holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from The University of Texas Business Honors Program.

Always making space to learn

It’s great to be part of a team that has such camaraderie and a deep intellectual curiosity. I personally find it fascinating to try to understand where the world is going and how we as investors can help facilitate and support the founders building the future.

Eating my way around the world

I love being in new and unfamiliar environments, to broaden my perspective and open my eyes to how other people live. Also, there’s just too much good food in the world, I must try as much of it as possible!