Founders: Alexis Fogel, Kris Dabrowski

Guide your customers like you know them, personally

Stonly is a software company that helps improve user satisfaction, activation, and retention while reducing support costs. The company enables content creators to make interactive, step-by-step guides that can be embedded anywhere help is needed. Their Help Content solution allows customers to present support articles for their users in simple steps they’ll understand.

Stonly provides better customer service in less time by enabling its users to easily find the help they need and resolve issues themselves. Their Agent Guide solution guides customer support agents to the right resources and responses for each ticket, reducing the time spent per query. They create and publish rich tutorial, trouble-shooting, and support content to help customers help themselves. It also guides agents to the ideal questions, responses and macros for every issue with a knowledge base and scripted guides available right inside your support CRM.

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