Founders: Chu Zhu, Gustav Borgefalk, Niklas Jungegard, Robert Lyngman

Bridging the skills gap

Sqore was established in 2010 and has its HQ in Stockholm, Sweden. Sqore specialises in recruitment competitions for talented young people, and manages the world’s largest community for students who compete – studentcompetitions.com. Notable clients include Credit Suisse, IBM, Autodesk and The New School.

The name ‘Sqore’ can be broken down into two parts: ‘Sq’, standing for sentience quotient – a measure of the total processing capacity of the brain; and ‘ore’, a type of rock from which valuable elements can be extracted through a refining process. The word Sqore also implies a number of values such as academic merit, competition, talent and results, as well as drive and motivation: all attributes the platform helps to identify.

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