Founders: Andrew Zhulin, Dmitry Zhulin, Peter Fedchenkov

Sensitive data: discovered and secured.

Soveren’s mission is to help leading organizations protect millions of consumer data records without slowing down their business. Soveren has built its solution in partnership with the most innovative security leaders in Europe and the US.

Soveren is a sensitive data observability company that raised $10M from security and enterprise SaaS leaders: the founders and CEOs of Datadog, Snyk, Palo Alto Networks, Slack, Tessian, MuleSoft, DeepMind, and a former CISO of Amazon. They are also backed by the founders of Airbnb, Deel, N26, Algolia, as well as Northzone.

Soveren’s founders previously built a unicorn: Instamart, the largest grocery delivery business in Eastern Europe with $2B in revenue. The challenges they faced with protecting customer data from security breaches and privacy violations eventually inspired them to start Soveren.


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