We back founders with conviction

We’re a multi-stage venture capital fund partnering with founders from Seed to Growth. Across Europe and the US.

Since 1996, we’ve made over 175 investments, and survived two financial crises unscathed. In September 2022, we raised €1bn to invest from Seed to Growth. We’ve learned to trust our instincts through all of the ups and downs.

Because of this, things that are typically important to VCs, aren’t as important to us. We’re happier operating on principles rather than an overriding investment thesis. And we always stand behind the entrepreneurs we work with, so you can earn your own success.

We invest from Seed to Growth


For your first round. If you have a huge idea and the hunger to make it happen, we’ll help you understand what else you need to make it real. We’ve invested in Seed for a very long time.

Series A & B

You’ll have assembled a strong founding team. You’ll have a product targeting a significant market opportunity, and you’ll be ready to prove it. Or you’re ready to scale globally.


Since our €1bn fundraise in 2022, we also participate in later funding rounds. We never said never, but we’re now a full-stack investor.

We typically write checks between €1 million to €40 million.

A partner as determined as you are

Dedicated to entrepreneurs

Aim for the upsides

We have to be optimists. As you drive your business forward, we’ll help you prep for the biggest possible outcomes.

Zero added sugar

We appreciate candour and self-awareness. You can handle it when we give you the truth, even when it’s not pretty.

Shit happens. That's life

Mistakes and failures don’t faze us, and they won’t faze you either. Let’s fail fast, learn, and move on.

A refreshing view on venture capital

Ignore the $100k MRR bar

It’s the one KPI we really don’t care about. You can be more than ready for Series A without it.

No pressure on the preference stack

If you convince us that you’re going to make it, we’ll let you say where we sit in the stack.

We follow your lead

Lead, co-lead or stay stealth – whatever the round, it’s always your call.

Fair ownership targets

No two companies are the same.
When a 20% stake feels like too much to give away, we’ll still be interested.

Diversity isn’t optional

And, for us and for you, building a team with diverse perspectives and backgrounds is core to making business models future proof.

Tom McGinn

General Counsel, London

Molly Alter

Principal, New York

Pascual Cortes-Monroy

Vice President, LONDON

Independent minds, working as one

Meet the team
Marlowe Cameron

Executive Assistant, London

Alex Agureev

Associate, London

Pieter-Jan Van Haute

Vice President, Amsterdam


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