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HQ  – New York
CEO – George Friedman
Northzone contact – Pär-Jörgen Pärson

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Save small. Live large.

Qapital is a personal banking service that helps millennials become savvy spenders. By making incremental deposits into a dedicated bank account, users can unlock their own financial potential and start checking things off their bucket list. The service features an app with finance and budgeting features, which users link to a special Qapital FDIC-backed account, and a debit card. Qapital’s goal is to help make managing money as much fun as spending it.

Qapital tweets.

TWITTER 26 Sep 2018
Save and spend with the only banking app designed with your goals in mind.
TWITTER 25 Sep 2018
Where are you going for your birthday?
TWITTER 13 Sep 2018
How are you thinking about your money? Qapital is designed to help you maximize your paycheck, plan your spending…