Short facts

HQ – Berlin, Germany
CEO – Mundi Vondi
Northzone Contact – Paul Murphy

Northzone invested since


Redefining the multiplayer experience

Klang Games is an independent game development studio based in Berlin. Klang aims to create virtual worlds for people in the real world.

Klang tweets.

TWITTER 18 Dec 2019
Elven Fu, Klang’s Art Producer, is here to talk about his responsibilities, what he's currently reading, and how he…
TWITTER 29 Nov 2019
E7 of @thelifecyclepod is out! For the season finale, Prof. Lawrence Lessig (@lessig) discusses the state of the di…
TWITTER 28 Nov 2019
Hossein Maktoufi, Klang’s 3D artist, is here to talk about Klang's art team, easter eggs, and how he joined Klang i…