Short facts

HQ – San Francisco
CEO – Lucian Tarnowski
NZ contact – Bjørn Stray

Our vision is to make professional learning social.

We believe so much of the world’s knowledge is locked inside the experience of professionals, and within the confines of company walls. We want to provide a medium to unlock this knowledge and experience.

We see online communities as the most efficient way to deliver this. We believe the future of learning lies in the curation of content through communities.

Organizations need social learning to attract, engage and develop talent. By making professional learning social, we are creating a parallel model of education that better meets global industry demands.

BNT tweets.

TWITTER 5 Jun 2018
We love this! #OnlineCommunity #OnlineCommunities will change the world
TWITTER 15 May 2018
A #communitycollege becomes an #onlinecommunity: a new California proposal.
TWITTER 15 May 2018
From @curata an excellent list of #content tools by function (e.g., audit), a superb checklist as you plan your con…