About us.

Northzone is an early stage venture capital fund. Since 1996, we have been chosen by exceptional entrepreneurs as a long-term partner for growth. So far, we have invested in over 130 companies, injecting some 200 years of collective operational and investment experience into businesses that truly make a difference.

Founded in
4 offices
New York
Under management
1bn €
Investments to date

We are passionate about working closely with exceptional entrepreneurs building global companies.

Who we are.

We are entrepreneurs, operators, and passionate doers. We happily roll up our sleeves when needed and work through challenges with our portfolio companies. Having been through the whole lifecycle of a company, from both sides of the table (more than once), we are likely to understand the types of challenges that you may face, and are committed to helping you through the roller coaster.

An enthusiastic team of seasoned professionals with holistic experience in operations and finance, means that there is always someone who can ask the right questions. And if we feel like more expertise is required, our community of experienced entrepreneurs, opinion leaders, executives, and innovators (aka our extended family) are only a phone call away.

In essence, the only meaningful reference an investor has, is his/her portfolio companies’ experience of working together over time. Therefore, we encourage you to talk to the entrepreneurs with whom we have partnered so far, and get their views on what it’s like to work with us.

We are entrepreneurs, operators, and above all, passionate doers.

What we look for.


Were big believers in the power of talented and balanced teams.


Teams that are reshaping the world with creative solutions to real problems make us happy.


Growing a company is not easy. We look for people with the skills, tenacity and ambition to pull it off.


We are after globally attractive markets. That is, ones that are large and growing.


We need to understand how you will turn your vision into a business.