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  • Investments
  • 13 December 2023
  • 2 min read
  • Words: Northzone

Our growth investment in Unobravo: Europe’s mental health category leader

We are thrilled to announce our latest investment in Unobravo, the leading European mental health platform. This growth investment round, co-led by Northzone and Insight Partners, and with participation from H14, will help bolster Unobravo’s international and product expansion as the company builds on its strong success in Italy, where it has grown profitably to become an established category leader.

Founded in 2019 by Danila De Stefano, psychologist and CEO of Unobravo, the company rapidly became a leader in online therapy as it worked to address the mental health crisis that the pandemic brought to the fore. Over the past four years, Danila and her team have built on those foundations and continued to deliver on their mission of helping individuals navigate their mental health journey by improving access to therapists, all whilst actively working to de-stigmatise mental health.

Unobravo has already created tremendous value for patients and therapists in Europe. The platform has taken a proactive role in setting and vetting for the highest standards for services offered to ensure both accessible and high-quality psychological care. Throughout this journey it has already supported over 160,000 patients, and today works with more than 5,000 therapists. Across patients and therapists Unobravo has some of the strongest NPS, retention and referral rates we have seen for the sector—a clear indication of the quality delivered by the platform.


The market around mental health today is massive, and is only growing as our understanding of mental health matures. Unobravo is in a position to establish the gold standard for access to therapy in Europe while also addressing the exponential demand that exists today. This prospect presents both an attractive opportunity, but also an important call to action, and we believe Unobravo is best placed to step up to this challenge while upholding the highest standards of quality to cement its position as a European category leader. 

“We are at an inflection point where the perception of therapy is shifting. It’s moving from being seen as an acute, often stigmatised solution to being recognized for its deep value to the wider population. Under Danila’s leadership, we are confident that Unobravo will continue to attract the best talent in the field and lead the way in the transition to modern mental healthcare” adds Michiel Kotting, our Partner who is also joining the board.

Looking forward, this investment round will provide critical support to Unobravo in its next phase of growth, as it continues its expansion from B2C and into B2B offerings, as well as innovations in therapeutic support technology, clinical research, and growth into new European markets. 

We are extremely proud to partner and support Unobravo in building a future where quality therapy is accessible to all.