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  • Investments
  • 02 November 2022
  • 2 min read
  • Words: Northzone
  • Images: Troop

Activist investors to shake companies: our investment in Troop

Picture: co-founders Felix Tabary, CEO; Sebastien Jarquin, Head of Product & Design; and Zen Yui, CTO with the rest of the Troop team.

We’re delighted to announce our latest investment in Troop, a distributed activist investing platform powered by retail shareholders. Northzone co-led the $4.3m seed funding with BlockTower Capital and Seedcamp. This brings the total investment to date to $6.1m.

Troop is creating a path for everyday investors to advocate for change and hold public corporations accountable for contributing to large societal challenges. Alarming statistics such as, ‘71% of the world’s greenhouse gases are emitted by just 100 companies’ highlight the need to take a stance in corporate governance. Still today, of the $30.4 trillion shares held by retail shareholders, 72% are not voted upon which represents the missed opportunities for everyday investors to shape the future of the companies they’ve invested in. 

Stocks are going viral on social media and finance is culturally relevant in a way it never has been before; the success of mass-coordinated investor groups like WallStreetBets and Constitution DAO show that power dynamics are shifting on Wall Street. We are entering the largest generational wealth transfer ever, defined by investors committed to green investing, ESG standards, and combatting greenwashing. However, retail investors need a way to collectivise and wield their collective equity.

This is where Troop comes in, verifying and measuring a group’s collective holdings to build a trusted platform for retail investors to hold executive teams accountable. Troop offers shareholders and investors access and tools to foster responsible governance and impact key company decisions through well-informed and educated perspectives. By clarifying the rules of voting, offering an enhanced UX/UI, and simplifying the process and experience, they increase the incentive for more retail shareholders to participate in governance. It will also support professional activist funds making a real, positive difference by introducing them to a community of retail shareholders. 

Commenting on the deal, our Partner Wendy Xiao added that: “Troop’s ambition to reimagine the way we amplify individual shareholders’ voices through collective power is long overdue and inspiring. We’re excited to partner with Troop on helping everyday investors hold public companies to higher and better standards.”

Founders Felix Tabary (CEO), Sebastien Jarquin (Head of Product & Design), and Zen Yui (CTO) co-founded Troop in 2021 and have since built a product poised to transform shareholder activism and stand up. We are truly excited to partner with Troop on expanding its mission and encouraging greater corporate accountability.