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  • Portfolio News
  • 04 July 2018
  • 7 min read
  • Words: Northzone

PJ Pärson named VC of the year

The Europas has been crowning the leading lights of Europe’s startup ecosystems since 2009. The award ceremony, held in London in July, celebrates the most forward thinking, progressive and innovative tech companies across over 20+ categories, as well as investors and other key players in the ecosystems.

We are incredibly proud that Pär-Jörgen (PJ) Pärson has been recognised as the Hottest VC of 2018 by the judging committee at last nights’ ceremony. The award was in recognition to his long-standing contribution to the European ecosystem, and his role in three of the biggest success stories to come out of Europe: Avito, iZettle, and of course Spotify, where he led the first external funding round into the company.

PJ has been a VC investor for well over two decades, and has a primary areas of focus are disruptive businesses in consumer internet, media, and fintech. In that time, he has worked with some of Europe’s leading entrepreneurs, and has also spearheaded the initiatives to strengthen the transatlantic ties between Europe and New York, through setting up Northzone’s New York office in 2013.

PJ’s portfolio includes SpotifyiZettle fuboTVSourcepoint, Qapital, Dots, ACTIVATECryexSoundtrackYourBrand, and Jukely. He has over the years also invested in AvitoPricerunnerJasperVideoplaza, and many others.