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  • Portfolio News
  • 15 October 2015
  • 3 min read
  • Words: Northzone

SpareBank 1 acquires mCASH

Congratulations to the team at mCASH on joining forces with Sparebank 1 in Norway. mCASH has developed a mobile payment service and transaction engine that allows users to pay with their mobile phone in a simple and convenient way. mCASH can be used in any situation where people before used cards or cash, including P2P transactions, merchants payments, eCommerce, and more.

Sparebank 1 acquires mCASH’s Norwegian operation, and will base its future digital services, including mobile payment services, on mCASH’s unique technology. Northzone is proud to be the lead investor in mCASH, and to be associated with this great team. This is is the first important step in the ambition to establish mCASH as a core technology platform for banks worldwide that wants to launch the most versatile and most user friendly mobile services in their geography.

More information in Norwegian here.