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  • Portfolio News
  • 27 January 2015
  • 10 min read
  • Words: Northzone

Fuse Emerges From Stealth to Fix App Development, Secures $2.8M New Funding

Fuse Opens Office in Silicon Valley as It Prepares for Q1 Launch its Cross Platform Tool Suite for App Developers and Designers

OSLO, NORWAY and PALO ALTO, CA–(Marketwired – Jan 27, 2015) – Fuse today announced it has received an additional $2.8M in financing led by top Nordic investor Northzone to launch its iOS/Android app development platform and tool suite by the same name. Currently in closed alpha, Fuse aims to bridge the gap between prototype designs and fully working native apps. The new funding brings the company’s total investment to $7M.

“App development today is unsustainable. Multiple teams have to make the same app for both iOS and Android. Meanwhile developers struggle to recreate design and motion elements from prototypes. It’s inefficient, costly and time-consuming — and takes all the fun out of creating apps,” said Anders Lassen, CEO of Fuse. “It’s taken many years of stealth work to come up with a radical solution to these problems. With Fuse, we’re reinventing mobile app development, making it far more intuitive and efficient — for both developers and designers.”

“We believe Fuse is the next major leap in mobile app development,” said Tellef Thorleifsson, General Partner at Northzone, whose previous investments include Spotify. “We’re confident Fuse will quickly become the market’s go-to solution for creating state of the art apps.”

Fuse was founded by a group of hackers and technologists who have worked together for decades. The Fuse team also has a rich history as members of Europe’s creative demoscene community, which is devoted to creating highly optimized and visually stunning software demonstrations.

“We have built mobile experiences since before phones were smart. Our team even designed graphics processors and drivers for today’s devices. We know the app development and the underlying technology behind it from all angles,” adds Lassen.

The company has also opened an office in Palo Alto headed by Sumi Lim, a veteran of development and design technologies. Sumi has held leadership roles at Samsung, Adobe and Papaya Mobile.

A video demo of Fuse in action is available at http://www.fusetools.com/redirect/jan15video. To request an invite to the beta, go tofusetools.com.

Fuse is expected to launch into beta in Q1 2015.

About Fuse
Fast, flexible and intuitive, Fuse is the first and only platform and tool suite to enable the creation of beautiful native apps for both iOS and Android, all from within a single, WYSIWYG environment. Fuse is based in Oslo with an office in Silicon Valley. Find out more about Fuse atfusetools.com and follow them on Twitter @fusetools.

About Northzone
Founded in 1996, Northzone has to date raised seven funds and invested in some 100 technology-enabled companies. The current portfolio includes companies such as Spotify, Avito.ru, Trustpilot, WideSpace and SpaceApe. The company has offices in London, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen and New York. www.northzone.com