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  • Portfolio News
  • 20 February 2014
  • 6 min read
  • Words: Northzone

Welcome to the family, mCash!

We have looked at several companies in the payments space. mCASH has unique technology, a strong team, and a holistic approach to the issues in the field of mobile payments.

We are thrilled to announce our first investment from our latest fund, Northzone VII. mCash is our second investment in the mobile payment space, and with unique proprietary technology and a strong commercial team, we are looking forward to working with mCash to create an international category winner.

What is mCASH?
mCASH has developed a new payment solution that connects banks, merchants and customers through a real-time infrastructure. With the mCASH app you can connect your mobile phone to a bank account, credit account and credit card. You get all your money in one place. You can transfer money to any phone number in Norway. Money received is available instantly, regardless of your bank connections. Merchants can offer their customers a fast, convenient, and safe way to pay with their phone at the cash register, online, and directly from an advertisement.

mCASH is the only payment solution of its kind today. Merchants don’t need any new hardware. mCASH works in any payment situation and is already supported by most Norwegian cash register and online payment systems. Customers can pay online with mCASH, whether they are browsing on a computer, tablet or phone. You’ll never have to bother with Java, BankID, typing credit card numbers or filling out forms again. On top of a novel payments infrastructure, mCASH offers value-added services like electronic receipts, customer identification, and the possibilities for an enriched shopping experience. mCASH makes payments easier while giving merchants new opportunities for increased customer base and profits.
About mCASH
mCASH is a Norwegian based payment service provider with license to operate within the EU from the Financial Supervisory Authorities of Norway. The project originated in 2006, and was formally incorporated in 2010. The company has been recognized with several awards, including “Best Norwegian Startup Company 2011” and winner of AppAcademy 2012, and has been nominated as a finalist in several startup competitions across Europe throughout 2013. mCASH is launching their payment services February 2014 in Norway. Learn more at www.mcash.no