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  • Portfolio News
  • 06 December 2010
  • 6 min read
  • Words: Northzone

Say hello to icloud and have fun organizing, accessing and sharing your digital life

(Seattle, WA – 06/12/2010) – Today’s launch of the icloud “Easy Upload” is making the icloud service a real life saver for everyone that needs to have all their data organized, accessible and sharable in the cloud. icloud with “Easy upload” is the perfect tool for safe and secure sharing of files between all your devices like notebooks, iPads and smartphones. The icloud online desktop can also be used to organize and share files. With icloud’s mobile access, your important files will always be accessible, even in your pocket.

Easy Upload conveniently allows you to select the folders on your computer that you want to automatically upload to icloud. Just sit back and relax knowing that all your files, music, photos and documents are always organized, secure, backed up and easily accessible. In addition, everything in icloud can securely and privately be shared with your friends and family.

icloud’s “Easy upload” will detect when your files are modified on your local computer and upload any changes made. Easy Upload makes sure the latest version of your document is reachable, even from your mobile phone. Access your files at home, at work and in between while you are on the move.

Download Easy Upload : http://icloud.com/easyupload

About icloud
Founded in 2001 by Daniel Arthursson, icloud provides the free icloud.com service, the world’s leading online computer and cloud-based media server for consumers. Creating an account is free and includes 3GB of storage. An additional Super Drive with 100GB is available for 39.99 USD / year.

icloud is based in Sweden, privately held and funded by Northzone Ventures. Investors include Lou Perazzoli, architect of Windows NT and former Manager Microsoft Core OS and John Connors former CFO Microsoft. Icloud is a Red Herring Global 100 winner.

CONTACT: icloud.com

Jonas Thornholm, CFO

Krister Nilsson, Executive Vice President Business Development