Short facts

HQ: Oslo, Norway
CEO: Trond A. Aas
Co-investors: Stelt Holding, Nordic Venture Partners, Teknoinvest
Northzone contact: Torleif Ahlsand



Funcom is a world leading independent developer and publisher of MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games.

Funcom has since 1993 developed and published over 25 game titles across several gaming platforms. Most notable of these are the MMOs ‘Age of Conan’ and ‘Anarchy Online’, as well as ‘Dreamfall’ and ‘The Longest Journey’. New titles include ‘The Secret World’ and ‘Pets vs. Monsters’.

Funcom was listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange Q4-2005 (ticker: FUNCOM).

Funcom tweets.

TWITTER 1 hours ago.
What an amazing 25 years of Funcom! From racing games, to MMOs, to survival games, we're excited to see what the fu…
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It's been great working with you too!
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We'll be at GDC next week showing @ConanExiles and @MYZRoadToEden at our booth in the South Hall. Come by for a cha…